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Helpful hints:  The amount should be multiple of $8.49. For 1 domain name for 1 year, you enter 8.49 (default amount). If you registered 2 domains for 1 year each, you would enter 16.98. If you bought 2 domain names - one for one year and the other for 2 years - then you would enter 25.47 - 3x8.49 (3 domain years). If you are transfering your domain, the amount of time left from your previous registrar will be added to the years bought from us. So, if you transferred a domain name to us for 1 year and you had 6 months left with your old registrar, you will have 18 months with us (1 year + 6 months) - you will not lose any time. Please note that you cannot transfer domains within 60 days of your initial registration. You will need to wait for 60 days, then initiate the transfer. Also, if your domain expires within 10 days, or has already expired, we will not be able to transfer your domain, unless your registrar release your domain or it is available in the open market for new registration.  For more info, please refer to our FAQ.